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Pendulum - done

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My Bouncing Ball

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Bouncing Ball Test

Second Assignment, Bouncing Ball.

The video is out of order, even though it looks fine, I need to add more spacing between things.
This is still very rough, hope to finish by thursday. maybe 20 seconds
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Intro to 2d Animation

First Project to draw a series of sequential images and then animate it.

This is my first real try at traditional animation,
I still have to learn timing, exaggeration, and a ton of other things.

This was shot one "1's" which means 1 picture is equal to 1 frame of the animation.

This one is shot on "2's" which means 1 picture is equal to 2 frames of the animation.
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School Starts Next Week! New Idea

Driving to work I got this great idea, I'll let it work its way out before I commit to it.
But this image is a hint.

(Second Hint)
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Just because

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Second Session

First Session
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Final - 3D Design - Artist Car

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Final - Landscapes

So for painting we either had to do 5 landscape paintings, a portrait or a still life

Im doing the 5 landscapes, each at different times of the day
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First Portrait

This is my first attempt at painting a portrait.
I will post each session.
The most recent session is shown first.

Session 2

Session 1
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Basic Drawing 2007

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Basic Drawing 2007

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Painting: Blue cups and oranges

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3d Design: Condom Fetus

So I know its gross but here's the premise to my project.
We are supposed to take 100 of the same object and change its meaning
So I took 100 condoms and turned it into a fetus.

As an added bonus Im displaying it on wire coat hanger.

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Coffee and a bit of Inspiration

So I got inspired today to work on my 3d again,

This is a rough head model I did in an hour or two.

I want to get the body finished and Im hoping that I can animate

him riding a Scooter.... 

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Midterm - 3d Design

This is my midterm project for 3d Design
We were supposed to create a ridiculous device
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3d Design

This was one of my first assignments in 3d... now were on week 8

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Sustained Still Life

I know!
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Life Drawing - Mid Term

Hopefully i'm getting better...

I know I am!
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More Ideas

To make these used some pictures taken with my old [ :( ] iphone
and some custom vectors I found on Bittbox.com

I was thinking of turning them into
t-shirts.... dunno yet.

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Simple Ideas

I've always loved cartoons.
I think that I've chosen my field of study (Animation/Entertainment Art)
because of my fond memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons with my Dad.

(...We both still watch Cartoons...)

I sketched these out during Halloween 2008
The Mummy is "fleshed" out a little more.

I have this whole story lined up in my head for these guys,
maybe I'll make a flash animation or try and do some traditional 2d hand drawn work

I've also got a "wolfman" sketched out.
I'll work on getting that painted
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Beginning Painting

These were done rather quick... at about 2 hours
I will start making my composition more interesting.
I've already gotten a few ideas.

The flash makes it hard to take a picture of the painting.
Even with the flash off and in a white area its tough

Yes I painted the peanut butter jar without a label.
Now that I have a portable easel I can move into different areas of
our apartment to help make my paintings different.

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Leon: The Professional - 3d

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Life Drawing

(...with these you need to rotate your head 90 degrees to the right...)

(...same with this one...)

(...She did the same poses throughout the session..)

All the other students were busy trying to focus on capturing the "whole" model
which is OK, i guess, but in a 3 hour class and with a model that likes to move around a lot I went with a different approach

(...I think this one would have been good, but after her phone rang she changed position...)

So I decided to focus on key parts to make the composition interesting

(...Her hair was soooooo curly...)

I think I keep getting better.... but I still need practice

(...she was holding a broom.. not on a pole...)

Even with this one I added some of the students who were sitting in front of me.