10:42 AM

Life Drawing

(...with these you need to rotate your head 90 degrees to the right...)

(...same with this one...)

(...She did the same poses throughout the session..)

All the other students were busy trying to focus on capturing the "whole" model
which is OK, i guess, but in a 3 hour class and with a model that likes to move around a lot I went with a different approach

(...I think this one would have been good, but after her phone rang she changed position...)

So I decided to focus on key parts to make the composition interesting

(...Her hair was soooooo curly...)

I think I keep getting better.... but I still need practice

(...she was holding a broom.. not on a pole...)

Even with this one I added some of the students who were sitting in front of me.

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Nice work! -Ly lol. I accidentally erased the other one!! lol

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